If Melanie had a penny for every time she has heard {I Don’t Know How She Does It} in the same sentence as her name – she would be on Forbes Richest List by now . . .   How does she do what exactly?  Let’s just say everything and then some . . . . much like many of you!  She is a family focused and career driven woman walking a thin line between chaos and control simply trying to survive and thrive on a daily basis . . . Learn more About Her Blog.

Who is Melanie? She is a  . . .

  • Working Mom of 2 young girls {Mariah is 4 & Makenzie is 1}
  • Career Woman – Executive Producer & Sports Marketing Director {working with major brands including the Falcons, Hawks, CSS, Dream & more}
  • Dream-chaser: Successful television personality, model and actress
  • Taxi, maid, short-order cook, you get the picture – that list never-ends….
  • Multi-tasker with a capital M {how else could she survive all of this?}
  • Self-proclaimed workaholic who rarely sleeps because once quality family time ends at the kids bed time, its back to work to take advantage of those extra late-night hours.  {Besides, sleep is totally overrated!}
  • Total sports and entertainment junkie hence the career in both
  • Sassy & Sophisticated: Someone who is strong, determined and opinionated so don’t ask for her opinion if you can’t handle the truth sprinkled with a little bit of southern sweetness. {But beware – she is a woman and therefore could have a breakdown if asked on the wrong day}
  • Mentor to many because she can’t say no when asked for help thanks to a heart the size of Texas and Southern manners that say you help when people need it

So how DOES she {do it all}? And how do many other uber successful women manage to make it all work?  Stay tuned to HowSheDoesItAll.com to learn all of Melanie’s personal tips, join her for the laughs & tears, and the ups and downs on the roller coaster of life of trying to do it all – and managing to still do it in style as a true Southernista would! Join her as she asks celebs and other real moms how they keep it all together (or how they might die trying) on her new TV show! Let’s not sugar-coat this people – it’s time to be real . . . Learn more About The Blog!


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