Creative Valentine’s Day Cards

I love getting creative when it comes to things to do with my daughters because they will actually remember it! Taking the time to make something unique together goes a long way when it comes to making memories as a family!  So, every holiday we search together through my Pinterest boards for ideas on things to do together.  The past few years for Valentine’s Day, we have had some pretty cute goodies for their friends at school thanks to being able to collaborate with my super talented friend, DJ, who just so happens to be a graphic designer and has her own company, Teal Olive Designs. So, we come up with our idea and vision and then she executes perfectly. It is a total LOVE match! And you win too because now some of our ideas are on her Etsy site so that you can be the cool Mom who hits a home run on Valentine’s Day with these cute ideas that are way better than the old box of cards, which your kids will not likely remember a few years from now. It’s as simple as ordering online and printing them out at home! And possibly a trip to the Dollar Tree for some candy or props, which again is a piece in all this that my kids love getting to do together because it’s like an adventure.

Don’t get me wrong – looking over at this year’s sunglasses on top of my foyer table staring back at me make adds to the anxiety of how many things are on my plate that I need to get accomplished this week. BUT – seeing my girls faces as I take the time to slow down and put it all together with them is totally worth the addition to my to-do list! Remember, when it comes to our children – the days are long, but the years are short! Don’t let them pass you by!

This one was a hit at school for sure!  I mean come on, who doesn’t love a mouth full of Pop Rocks???  And I promise that the kids who have never had them will never forget that your child introduced them to this life-changing candy experience! Not to mention the urban legend that someone’s head might explode! Valentine’s funnery at it’s finest! Order here.


Here’s the first idea you can steal! “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad we swim in the same school.” Yummm Swedish Fish! Not feeling like going the extra mile with the goody bags of fish by stapling the card to the top of a snack size Ziploc bag? These printouts still make cute cards or book marks for the class! Click to order.

I love that Mariah decided she wanted to do fun sunglasses for her Valentine’s cards this year. Of course, we always buy this stuff at the Dollar Store by the way – 4 pair of glasses for $1! Can’t beat that.  Anyway, we were in the car and she said something about “shades” and so of course, I replied with… “My future’s so bright that I’ve gotta wear shades.” She busts out singing it (not the version you might remember) and then tells me how impressed she was with that line I came up with and that it could totally be a song lyric. (She is always writing songs). I smiled and belted out the way it actually goes in the song and she was no longer impressed. ha ha. Hopefully the kids in school will love the shades at least! Will my kids ever think I am cool? Sigh.  Order the card here.

Pick up a few packs of glow sticks (we got 6 for $1 at the Dollar Tree) and punch two holes in this cute heart design and you have yourself a perfect little glowing Valentine. So much better than candy in my opinion! Maybe that’s because I have zero will power so I desperately dread all that Valentine candy coming home with my kids because I am scared I will end up gaining 10 pounds  by March.   Order the card here.













For more ideas, check out some of my Valentine’s pins on Pinterest. 


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