How To Eliminate the Tax Headache

As crazy as it might sound… I LOVE tax time because I am super organized all year long and have come up with a system that works for me so that when it is time to pass my tax write-offs, 1099s, etc to my accountant – it is simple as pretty much a click of a button. 

And because I am all about a REFUND, baby! Owning my own business with Rodan + Fields is awesome because it gives me a TON of tax write-offs! I get to write off all of my own skincare products, my cell phone bill, my internet, lunches and drinks with friends when we discuss R+F, networking events, parties and even a portion of my mortgage and utilities because I have a home office!  It is pretty freaking awesome!

The key to not getting overwhelmed with anything in life, in my opinion, is doing things as you go rather than waiting and having a lot to do all at once.  So check out my video to learn my system that involves an old school file folder, which lives in the trunk of my car, and the free mobile app / website called Expensify.  I love their online expense report system – it is super easy to use and fast, which are both very important in my crazy busy life. 

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