Our 7 Simple Family Safety Tips

So, today I had a stranger knock on my door while 6-year old Kenzie and I were home and it prompted this video reenactment and blog post.  I was in tears after the fact because she completely cracked me up when she finally popped out of her hiding place – I had no idea where she was and she was hidden perfectly! I couldn’t even find her! I love that she perfectly executed our safety protocol and I didn’t even tell her to do so.

Here’s a few tips that my girls and I do as it relates to safety in our home. Having a plan in place is always a good thing!

1. If we ever feel threatened or in danger in our home, the girls know to find a nearby hiding place and not make a sound until I come back and give an all clear.

2. We have a secret password for our family that we use for both our alarm system company and to use if I was to ever send someone else to get them from school for some crazy reason. They sometimes ask if I am really me or if I am someone wearing a mask dressed like me… they make me give them the password. ha ha.  But, this word positively identifies us to each other.

3. We also have a different “in distress” password that an intruder would think is us giving the security company an all-clear but in fact we are communicating to them that the intruder is with us and we need help immediately. We can also use this with each other to secretly communicate that one of us needs help.

4. When accepting a delivery such as a package or a pizza, we always imply that there is a man in the house with us and will sometimes even call out to my pretend husband or their daddy by name. And I always act like our dog is super mean and protective! 

5. There’s a fire extinguisher on every floor of our home and the girls know exactly where it is located in case they ever need to access it.  

6. The girls know mine and their Dad’s cell phone numbers by heart and also know, not just to call 911 in case of emergency, but how to actually call 911 from any phone.  It isn’t as simple as it once was for kids when they would pick up an old school house phone and push those 3 simple numbers. Make sure your kid knows how to dial from your smartphone and/or their devices.

7. Just in case I am ever not home when the kids get off the bus for some reason such as traffic or who knows what else, we have a plan in place for their plan B.  They are to use Mariah’s iTouch to try and reach me and if they can’t – they know which neighbor’s house to go to first and which to go to second.  Once, I was home, but totally tested them and was hiding inside just to make sure they could handle it and remembered what to do.

7. Both girls have their own unique alarm code to arm and disarm our security system (just in case they ever need to use it) and IF those numbers are ever used, it immediately sends me a text message and an email to notify me!!!  I can even also set the alarm to message me if they are “suppose” to disarm the system between 3:45 and 4:00pm, for example, after they get off the bus when they are older if they do NOT do so. That way I would be reminded that they should have gotten home but haven’t yet. This will also come in handy when they are teenagers – who cares if they hate me, right? ha ha.

By the way, have I mentioned how impressed I am with my reasonably priced security system? I seriously love it – it does so many different things and really makes us feel safer! I also have different codes for babysitters, my cleaning company, my Mom, etc – and each code only works on specific time schedules and specific dates/days of the week.  And I love that I can stream the video feeds on my mobile app from the house anytime!  It’s even set up to where if the smoke detectors are triggered, it will shut off the HVAC to help slow down the spreading of a fire!

If you want more info about this reasonably priced system – message me.  Having it also reduces your homeowners insurance. They often have free equipment installations, which is what I did, and it included everything – video cameras, door and window contacts, a numeric keypad dead bolt lock on one of the doors, and more.  I highly recommend them and would love to refer you!

But no matter what – get some simple safety protocols set up for your family!  Being prepared is key!

For more safety tips, visit the National Children’s Advocacy Center’s website and seek out other great safety organizations.


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