How To Get Glowing Skin in Just 5 Minutes

So, once a week I have the same date and I love that he only requires a 5 minute commitment from me, which is huge as a busy working single Mommy.  Life gets so chaotic and busy, but making sure I keep this 5 minute date for myself is important because making me-time is critical to staying sane (and glowing)!!!  I don’t have the time to make it to the spa for a facial very often, so I love that I am able to basically do my own at-home facial thanks to this incredible little at-home macro exfoliator tool from Rodan + Fields that removes 5 MILLION dead skin cells in one use once a week! Goodbye dull skin and hello radiant glowing skin!  Check out my video blog to learn a little more and see how this fab find works as I demo it on my face.

Message me if you have any questions about this tool or other R+F products that I am so obsessed with! I started using these products as a customer in 2014 so that my skin would look it’s best on-camera and I loved my results so much that I decided I wanted to be able to partner with these brilliant doctors so I could share my secrets with all of you!  

You can order one here. Be sure to check out as a Preferred Customer to save 10% off and free shipping.































































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