Teaching my daughters the importance of giving back through experiences and showing love in action is very important to me – not just talking about it.  However, finding ways for them to get involved and volunteer has been tough for me with young children. But, I have great news!  

My amazing church, Buckhead Church, took this to a whole new level and made “Generosity – Showing Love in Action” the “Big Idea” for kids recently for an entire month challenging all of us to get out in our communities and #GiveServeLove in both small and big ways.  In the adult service, we discussed how “love isn’t love unless you give it away.” So true. Want to learn more about it? Check out the PDF Parent Card on this movement you can do anytime! 

Even better? They created a mobile app to make it super simple to come up with ideas on how we could help others and I have friends (Christians and non-Christians) who have downloaded the app all over the country and joined us on this incredible movement. We would love for you to do the same! If you do, please tag me on social media when you post and use #GiveServeLove and #TeamSnareGirls so we will know you have joined us. And I would like to invite you to follow our efforts through our #GiveServeLove Facebook Album too! We love that being kind and loving one another is so contagious and so much fun! 

To download the app, go to the App Store and search for the “Buckhead Church” mobile app and download it. From there, click “Connect” and then “Be Rich Wheel of Ideas” where you can choose ideas for Families, Adults, Students, Preschool and Elementary. Below are a few photos of some of our favorites that we have done together as a #GiveSquad family. And here’s a list of a few to get you started…

But first, check out this SUPER INSPIRING video to see what happened when my church challenged our church family to come together for one month as a community helping others. It makes my heart so full watching it again.
-42,188 hours were served helping others
-We gave 146,647 lbs of food to help feed the hungry in our communities
-We gave away $4,881,761 to help 170 non-profits around the world 


-At the end of trash day, race through your neighborhood and see how many trash cans you can bring up to the house for your neighbors
-Secretly clean out a family member’s car for them
-Make a friendship bracelet and bring it to someone at school
-Bring a special coffee surprise to your local fire station or to a coworker or teacher
-Leave quarters in a gum ball or toy machine and leave a note that says “Have a great day!”
-Bring books to a children’s hospital with a get well note inside
-Tape money to a vending machine with a note that says “Have a great day!”
-Set up a free dog washing station in your front yard for neighbors
-Bake cookies and write a thank you note for the mailman and leave them in the mailbox
-Write a note thanking a soldier for all they do to protect our country
-Think of something nice someone did for you and find a way to pay it forward
-Show some love and let someone else go in front of you when waiting in line
-Bring extra ice cream money to share with a friend who forgot his money
-Hide a dollar in the dollar toy section of a store for a child to find. Include a note that says “It’s your lucky day! Use this to buy a toy!”
-Stay late after practice and help the coach clean up after practice
-Find something nice to say to everyone you talk to today
-Take blankets to a local homeless shelter
-On trash day, leave drinks on your trash cans for the sanitation workers
-Send everyone to look through their closets for coats that are too small. Gather them up and donate them to a local coat drive
-Leave laundry detergent tied with a ribbon, a bag of quarters and a note that says “FREE” at a local laundromat
-Go to the grocery store and spend 30 minutes returning carts for others
-Bring a few bouquets of flowers to a nursing home with a note letting residents know you are thinking of them
-Find the yard in your neighborhood with the most leaves and get the whole family to help rake them up
-Send dessert to a family seated at a table near you at a restaurant
-Make a treat and deliver it to someone in need or a neighbor you haven’t met yet
-Make an encouraging poster and post it somewhere visible
-Deliver sandwiches to a local homeless shelter
-Find a family in need and buy them gifts for the holidays
-Pay the toll for the car behind you

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