Advice from TLC’s Chilli on Doing It All

When I received the green light from Comcast to produce and host the TV show {How She Does It All} – of course I was over the moon excited to take my passion of inspiring women that they can be Moms and chase their dreams too and turn it into a television show! Next came the difficult decision of who I would have as my guests on the show as well as the challenge of how I was going to convince them to come on the show… but this first guest, I was determined to land and I did just that because I am getting pretty good at this {do it all} stuff!

Up first? Five-time Grammy award winner, Chilli from TLC, one of my favorite musical groups of all time by far! TLC is basically the sound track to my high school memories and totally opposite of their lyrical advice, I must admit that I seem to still be chasing waterfalls… I honestly can’t believe I spent over an hour hanging out with her today, chatting about anything and everything! And when I say everything – let me just say there’s some things I simply cannot post on here. ha ha. That girl is CRAZY in the best possible way and I love her 5000 times more now than I did yesterday! She is a total trip and her mouth has no filter whatsoever! She is hysterical, so genuine and easy to talk to – it was like hanging out with an old girlfriend. I absolutely loved that about her – at the level she has reached in her career – she is still just Chilli. She has always inspired me but after today, on a totally different level!

Want the scoop on what all she is doing and some advice from Chilli herself on {how SHE does it all}… then you have come to the right place. And don’t forget to check back in the coming weeks for the TV show episode featuring Chilli for much, much more!

Parenting Advice: Chilli is a very hands-on single Mom of 15 year old son, Tron (his father is Producer, Dallas Austin). And according to her, when it comes to parenting a teenager, she says the only privacy they should have is in the bathroom. Parents should be involved and should know what is going on in their child’s life at all times. I couldn’t agree more and if she can be that involved while juggling careers as an actress, producer, singer, dancer, fashion designer and a million other things too – then I think the rest of us can too!

How She Does It All: Even though Chilli has such a crazy sexy cool schedule (yes, I just said that, I am a self proclaimed dork plus I love TLC songs), she prefers to do it all herself especially when it comes to her son. She lovingly refers to him as her “mini me” constantly. But she says that one of the keys to being able to {do it all} is by asking for help when she needs it. She doesn’t abuse this so when she asks her Mom, for example, to watch Tron for an evening – her Mom is crazy happy to do so! (Her Mom wants her to get out more anyway and do more things with friends and go on more dates which she admits she really does very little of outside of her VH1 show – What Chilli Wants).

Dating Advice: Speaking of What Chilli Wants in a man, she says that women (herself included) should recognize that your “type” might not be who you are really looking for and so you should be willing to go on dates with guys who are not your type – try something new. But she refuses to lower her standards and expectations even though she desperately wants another baby (she even talks to pregnant women’s bellies – she is very engaged with her fans). Something she always says and lives by? “You settle into a house, you never settle for a man.”

Fitness Tip: When Chilli told me she thought I was in great shape, I about fell out of my chair. Receiving compliments from someone you idolize is pretty surreal. I was sharing with her my obsession with the new workout method known as FlyBarre which incorporates ballet bar exercises with circuit training, yoga, pilates and strength building – it’s begun transforming my body in just a few weeks. Anyway, Chilli was intrigued and was equally enthusiastic about her favorite workout. Drum roll – it’s called the Brazil Butt Lift and she swears by it – she takes the DVD with her everywhere she goes and promised I would be sore in places I didn’t even know existed. Looks like I have a new one to try – Chilli has graced the cover of FitFigures magazine and as you can see by this Maxim Magazine shot, she clearly knows what it takes – afterall, she is the one who was deemed “sexy” of the three TLC superstars during the Crazy Sexy Cool craze. If my butt and legs will look like that picture, I might order three Brazil Butt Lift DVDs just so there’s one on every floor of my house! 

Guilty Pleasure: I love that Chilli’s world always comes back to doing it all at the same time – her guilty pleasure is something she enjoys with her son… WWE!  She and Tron are addicted in a major way – she knows every wrestler’s name, every move, every look they make. She has a mean impression of The Rock and basically is a walking calendar of upcoming WWE events. Hilarious. She even admitted to getting star struck when she gets to go back stage at events and meet them. She introduces herself and they are all like “ummm, yea, I know who you are Chilli.”  Too funny. She says WWE is a total family affair and did everything she could to convince me to get my girls interested too.

Giving Back: Chilli has always been a participant in the Box Tops for Education program and was thrilled when she was recently asked to become an official spokesperson for them. She said it was authentic and a perfect fit since she had already been cutting out box tops for years to help with Tron’s school to raise funding for them. All of her friends and family do it for her too and send her ziploc bags full of box tops. With my oldest daughter just now starting kindergarten, I must admit that I hadn’t been doing this in the past but am now on the Box Tops bandwagon with Chilli and you should be too (even if you don’t have kids). If products you buy have them, why not cut them out so that you can make a difference in the life of a child? Let’s do this Chilli!

Another major way she is giving back is through her foundation called Chilli’s Crew where she empowers young girls who are facing situations in their lives that they never should have to face. She provides a positive outlet for these young women and hopes they take away lessons that will guide them through life and inspire them that they too, can {do it all}. She spent a weekend with them this summer at Chilli’s Crew Camp along with other mentors and had an absolute blast with them. They even got to dance with her – I am jealous! But I’m so inspired by Chilli who genuinely cares enough to take the time out of her insane schedule to make a positive impact in these girls lives!  I am so touched that I offered to help Chilli’s Crew anytime they need me!

Fashion: When I tell you that Tron is Chilli’s pride and joy – I mean it and she shows it everywhere she goes… with her handbag. It is a custom designed bag with a gorgeous picture of her baby boy on it – she says she makes Tron do a new photo shoot at least once a year so she can get a new bag. She never carries anything else. Hence her own fashion handbag line was launched… Bags by Chilli. So if you want to show the world your kids, your favorite landscape photo, your wedding picture, whatever – check out her site where you can customize your own designer bag. How fun, right? Just another way to do it all in my opinion – show off your kids and shop all at the same time. Perfection.

I could seriously keep writing and writing because I learned so much during my hour and a half with the TLC superstar who has done it all and keeps on doing more. There’s a lot of exciting things in the works for her including a movie about TLC and new music! To hear more advice, tips and inspiration from Chilli – stay tuned for my show {How She Does It All}.


A huge thanks to Comcast’s Get Local ATL for making this show possible and to Gyant and Enchanted PR for making my dream interview with Chilli a reality. Thanks to Patchwerk Recording Studios for hosting us for the shoot. A big thank you also goes out to my fabulous hair and makeup crew for the day – Carley Fant and Candice Holloway as well as Sage Clothing for providing my wardrobe. And of course to the incredible, fun, hilarious and amazingly talented Chilli for taking the time out of her schedule to chat with me about doing it all.

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On set at Patchwerk Studios

It was very cool being inside Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta where TLC recorded many of their hit songs!


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