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    One of my greatest passions is traveling the world – both near and far. My travel bucket list is way too long to even begin and I hope to host a travel show someday to take you all along for the ride. But for now, I will share all of my travel experiences here in case you are looking for your next journey.

  • Art Museums Don’t Have To Be Boring!

    Let’s be honest, most husbands and kids probably don’t see going to an art museum as their definition of a fun Saturday. But sometimes, us moms have to take it upon ourselves to think outside the box. We must expose them to new and different life-enriching experiences. Read More

  • Are We There Yet? – Your Mommy Travel Guide

    I am here to serve as your ultimate Mom Travel Guide. How many times have we all heard “Are We There Yet?” from the back seat? But it is through these adventure-packed trips of family fun that we really get to best know our families. I get so tired of all of the destinations that end up feeling a lot like last year’s family vacation so I am here to offer you new, fun and unique getaway suggestions that are sure to be a trip no one will soon forget. Read More

  • Spring Break Staycation

    This year I have decided to do a fabulous Staycation with my kids for Spring Break and I cannot wait! So often, people forget to take advantage of everything their own city has to offer. So I suggest thinking like a tourist for a change. Read More

  • It’s a Jungle Out There… African Safari

    Open your children’s eyes to a destination of vibrant landscapes, cultures and wildlife on an African safari tour designed for families. Read More

  • An England Fairy Tale Vacation

    Every little girl has dreamt of being a princess and living in a huge fairy tale castle just as many young boys have pretended to protect their castle with many a sword fights. So, why not do a theme vacation of castles? Read More

  • Desolation Canyon Family Rafting Adventure

    Are you ready to be taken outside of your comfort zone and down the river on this perfect escape for your … Read More

  • Family Travel – Rocking Horse Ranch

    I have officially added this place to my family vacation bucket list – another great place for Spring Break or Summer Vacation! Rocking Horse Ranch is an all-inclusive family resort located in New York. Read More

  • Ziplining through Costa Rica

    Who is ready for an action-packed family vacation full of adrenaline and natural beauty? Then you need to head to gorgeous Costa Rica where you will navigate twenty-five zip lines from to tree to tree getting the most beautiful view of Costa Rica possible. Read More

  • What’s in My Travel Bag: NYC Edition

    I am sitting on an airplane headed to NYC (one of my all time favorite cities) for a business trip … Read More

  • No More Tangled Mess . . . Jewelry Travel Case Giveaway

    I have great news – I have found THE PERFECT jewelry travel case and I am in love with it! When I travel, it always joins me. Read More

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