As a chick, many people are shocked to believe that I am for real when I say that I love sports! But trust me, I have always been a sports girl and always will be. Join me as I continue my journey through the world of athletics.

  • Carolina-Duke Rivalry

    I’ve had some pretty insanely awesome experiences as it relates to sports in my life from hosting at the Winter X Games for ESPN in Aspen to cheering in the NFL Pro Bowl for the Falcons in Hawaii to standing beside Adam Sandler as an official NASCAR Dream Team Girl as he performed his Grand Marshall duties at Talladega, but to this day – I am not sure anything even closely compares to physically sitting on that basketball court inside the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill for what is quite possibly the biggest rivalry in all of sports… the Carolina-Duke basketball game! Read More

  • Meet Kristy: Where Chemistry & the NFL Collide

    Most people assume that all cheerleaders are … shall we say, not the brightest crayons in the box if you know what I mean! Well, I LOVE that the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders break that stereotype right and left!!! Would you be surprised if I told you the current roster of ladies cheering on the Atlanta Falcons today in their first round of playoffs range from teachers to an assistant district attorney to a chemist to business owners? These ladies are not just making a difference on the sidelines, they are making a difference in the world in which we live, work and play! So allow me to introduce you to Kristy who is a second-year veteran on the team – be prepared to be impressed and inspired! Read More

  • A Father’s Sacrifice – In Honor of Our Military

    Today is Veteran’s Day and it is on this day, and every other day, that I would like to humbly thank all of the men and women who have served our great country or who are serving today, especially my late grandfather. It is with sincere appreciation and the utmost respect that I say thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of the many sacrifices of those who serve, as well as their family’s many sacrifices too. Hear the story of WKU football star, Antonio Andrews, and his father’s biggest concern about another tour of duty. Read More

  • NFL Cheerleader Spotlight: Kat is Pole Vaulting her way to the Georgia Dome

    For those of you who claim cheerleaders are not athletes, you clearly have NOT met Rookie Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, Kat. … Read More

  • Trouble With The Curve…Whatever Life Throws At You

    This movie is totally worth checking out in the theaters! With huge names like Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams – it is sure to do well in the box office. But, once people see it, I think they will be even more pleased. The title, a total play on words, is what this movie is all about. Trouble With The Curve… Read More

  • University of Arizona – Mr. & Mrs. Wildcat

    I was excited to learn that I was heading to the University of Arizona for Flavor of Football, because I really hadn’t spent much time in the state of Arizona in the past. I definitely experienced something that was a first for me while traveling on this trip. We will come back to that. Read More

  • NFL Cheerleader Spotlight: Sabrina

    When you think NFL Cheerleader, you probably think glamorous and all things girly, right? While that stereotype is probably pretty accurate for most NFL Cheerleaders, it is most definitely not the case for Sabrina – one of the Captains for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders this year. Read More

  • Penn State Punishment – Too Harsh?

    Let me start by saying that what happened to those kids at Penn State disgusts me and the fact that … Read More

  • Craig Sager reflects on father’s illness and whirlwind NBA weekend

    Many of you sports fans already know the name Craig Sager - he is the Turner sideline reporter known for his outrageous … Read More

  • Tricked Out at the Winter X Games

    Rad. Stellar. Gnarly. Extreme. Shred. Rippin It. One of my favorite parts about being in Aspen, Colorado for the Winter X Games was listening to Read More

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