Other Random Stuff

    Apparently, my brain came up with something to write about that made zero sense anywhere else on this site and so the {Other Random Stuff} section was born.

  • Shutterfly – A Company Who Cares

    As a society, we are so quick to speak up about negative experiences but so often choose to keep positive ones to ourselves for some reason. Not me. Not this time. I will be a long-time customer of Shutterfly for one simple reason – they care! Hear what they did for my family this Holiday Season…. Read More

  • CASTING: Hand Model

    I am casting a hand model for a print shoot Thursday, November 8th from 1pm to 4pm to shoot in … Read More

  • Talent Casting

    Do you have “Rich People Problems?!” A prominent cable network is seeking high-end folks who have a CONFLICT and are trying to get it RESOLVED! Read More

  • Make Kindness Contagious

    Traveling today, I witnessed a small act of kindness that really inspired me and reminded me how important it is … Read More

  • ShowBiz Atlanta Interview

    I was honored to recently be a featured guest on a radio show called ShowBiz Atlanta on Atlanta Business RadioX where the lovely host, Dana Barrett, interviewed me about being in the entertainment industry. Read More

  • Modeling & Acting Advice

    Many people often ask me how they get into modeling/acting/hosting and/or or how they get their kids into it so … Read More

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