How She Does It Tips

    Many people ask what my secret is on being able to {do it all} and while there’s no single secret and some days are much more successful in the balancing act than others – I do believe being insanely organized, super efficient plus having an amazing support system helps me survive and thrive more than anything. Here, I will share my personal tips as well as those of others on how to {do it all}.

  • Snowday Sweets

    The weatherman said snow was in the forecast and my girls couldn’t have been more ecstatic! While everyone else rushed to the grocery store for bread, milk and eggs — we opted for cupcakes and marshmallows, of course! Read More

  • Our 7 Simple Family Safety Tips

    Here’s a few tips that my girls and I do as it relates to safety in our home. Having a plan in place is always a good thing! Read More

  • Holiday Decorating Tip

    I am a sucker for a good theme and my girls love decorating for any holiday. One simple way to add a touch of festivity to your normal decor is by adding some sort of themed items inside a clear vase. Learn my tip on what you need to place inside the vase before proceeding. Read More

  • Rolling Away the Wrinkles

    Ever heard of the AMP Roller by Rodan+Fields? Maybe you have seen it as a Top Pick by the beauty editors of Allure or maybe you heard Ellen talking about it on her show? Well, it just so happens to be one of my Top 5 Favorite products by Rodan + Fields! Watch the video I filmed explaining why I love it so much and how it works. Read More

  • How To Eliminate the Tax Headache

    As crazy as it might sound… I LOVE tax time because I am super organized all year long and have come up with a system that works for me so that when it is time to pass my tax write-offs, 1099s, etc to my accountant – it is simple as pretty much a click of a button. Read More

  • Get Kissable Lips

    “Beauty to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” {Gywneth Paltrow} I totally agree with you Gwyn! Check out my advice on getting your most kissable lips, reducing lip wrinkles and increasing volume as well as how I easily grab the right lip color while on the go. Read More

  • Creative Valentine’s Day Cards

    I love getting creative when it comes to things to do with my daughters because they will actually remember it! Taking the time to make something unique together goes a long way when it comes to making memories as a family! Read More

  • Santa Claus Pancakes

    Need a breakfast idea that is creative yet simple for Christmas morning after the chaos of the gifts or really to make anytime during the break? This one was a hit in my house this year! Read More

  • Kids Canvas Painting Party Tradition for the Holidays

    Have you heard of these fun social-based art studios popping up all over the place where adults and kids alike … Read More

  • 5 Fun Family Christmas Traditions

    I love the holiday season! It put simply, makes my heart happy! And now that I am a mom it is even more fun and special for me! There’s nothing like the magic of the season and creating memories that will last a lifetime with your family. Read More

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