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    Since I call Atlanta home, I wanted to create a section of this site to share things that I have discovered about our awesome city! If you have places you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. I hope you get some fun ideas of new places to try in the ATL. For a lot more ideas, visit – I produce the TV shows listed on that site for Comcast.

  • Art Museums Don’t Have To Be Boring!

    Let’s be honest, most husbands and kids probably don’t see going to an art museum as their definition of a fun Saturday. But sometimes, us moms have to take it upon ourselves to think outside the box. We must expose them to new and different life-enriching experiences. Read More

  • Spring Break Staycation

    This year I have decided to do a fabulous Staycation with my kids for Spring Break and I cannot wait! So often, people forget to take advantage of everything their own city has to offer. So I suggest thinking like a tourist for a change. Read More

  • Advice from TLC’s Chilli on Doing It All

    TLC is basically the sound track to my high school memories and totally opposite of their lyrical advice, I must admit that I seem to still be chasing waterfalls… so to hear Chilli’s advice on doing it all was quite an awesome moment for me. Read More

  • Top 5 Things To Do with Your Kids in Atlanta

    We all get bored of doing the same thing over and over – especially our kids. And if you are like me, sometimes you just HAVE to get them out of the house and doing something to keep everyone sane and happy! So, here’s my list of top 5 things to do with your kids in Atlanta. Enjoy! Read More

  • The Hunger Games Hit Atlanta

    There were over a thousand squealing fans outside of Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA yesterday for The Hunger Games … Read More

  • Dirt in the Skirt

    I had no idea there was a huge motorcycle range in Alpharetta! They have over 60 bikes! If I had boys, we would totally be hanging out there. Read More

  • ‘I Broke a Board’ at Atlanta Kick

    I’ve never really considered karate as something to personally get involved in until I hosted an episode of Atlanta Mom at Atlanta Kick! One of the main Read More

  • Gettin’ Down on the Farm

    So I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and farms are part of the “norm.” But living in a big city like Atlanta, Chicago or LA – your kids are totally Read More

  • I am a Coke Addict

    As a Coke addict (as in Coca-Cola – geesh), I knew I would be impressed with the World Of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta. Free coke? I am in! Read More

  • Make History Fun!

    History is so NOT my thing! And its something I dread having to help my kids with once they are taking history in school. But, I do think it will be Read More

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