This is an addiction that I just can’t seem to get enough of . . . so I love all things entertainment! Join me as I explore the fabulous world of music, movies, celebrities and all the gossip!

  • HLN: School iPad Mandate. Affordable or Unfair?

    A Georgia High School is “strongly encouraging” all students to bring their own iPads to school. What do you think? Is this fair? Is it helping kids get ahead and necessary for a 21st century education? Or is it leaving kids behind who can’t afford one of their own? Read More

  • Never Give Up…Advice from Paula Deen & Her Son, Bobby

    The industry in which I have chosen to work is not an industry for people who lack thick skin – meaning you must be able to handle personal criticism and rejection over and over again! Read More

  • Honey Boo Boo – Is it okay to laugh?

    As a Mom, I have a very strong opinion on this hit TV show from TLC. Watch my segment on Headline News to hear my thoughts! And learn what Honey Boo Boo name I was given by Jane Velez Mitchell on the show. Read More

  • Trouble With The Curve…Whatever Life Throws At You

    This movie is totally worth checking out in the theaters! With huge names like Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams – it is sure to do well in the box office. But, once people see it, I think they will be even more pleased. The title, a total play on words, is what this movie is all about. Trouble With The Curve… Read More

  • Do It All Tips From Egypt – The MultiMediaMom

    When I was scouting for guests for my new tv show, {How She Does It All}, I was beyond excited when I received a return email from on-air radio & tv personality, Egypt Sherrod, saying yes that she wanted to be on the show! But, I was quite possibly more excited by her email address popping up in my inbox. Why? Because that’s when I realized her email address is “MsDoItAll” – could she be any more perfect for my show? Read More

  • Advice from TLC’s Chilli on Doing It All

    TLC is basically the sound track to my high school memories and totally opposite of their lyrical advice, I must admit that I seem to still be chasing waterfalls… so to hear Chilli’s advice on doing it all was quite an awesome moment for me. Read More

  • The Twilight Scandal

    Many shocked teenagers feel like their modern day Romeo & Juliet are dead with the breaking news of their beloved Kristen Stewart cheating on her on-screen and real-life love, Robert Pattinson. How could she do this to their dear Edward? Read More

  • Think Like a Man Premiere

    What do you think? Should women think like a man while acting like a lady in order to trick guys … Read More

  • “Dance Moms” – Harmless or Primetime Pedophilia?

    Check out the segment above on CNN Headline News’s Jane-Velez Mitchell show about Dance Moms where I appeared as a … Read More

  • The Hunger Games Hit Atlanta

    There were over a thousand squealing fans outside of Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA yesterday for The Hunger Games … Read More

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