This blog is my personal attempt at helping others to understand the complexity of being a successful and driven career woman (who also happens to be a Mommy) and to share my personal secrets plus some from others on how to succeed in this conflicting world of chaos that we have chosen, and to inspire people in some form or fashion that it is ALL worth it!     And if you are not a Mom or not even a female – there’s still plenty on this site for you as I explore the worlds of sports, entertainment, fashion & beauty and more. Plus, we all need a little inspiration in our lives, right?

I have personally chosen to continue to work after kids in the world of television, sports and entertainment as that has been a dream of mine for a long time and is a career that put simply – makes me happy.  That’s why you will get your fix on this site when it comes to the inside scoop on all those things! Anyway, I am a big dreamer who doesn’t just dream, I take action and work very hard to make my dreams a reality. And now that I am a mother of two young girls, I am more driven and ambitious than ever before because I want to teach them by personal example.

Much of my focus will be on encouraging Moms to not lose sight of their own dreams, ambitions and purpose outside of being a Mom.  I support Stay-at-Home Moms whole-heartedly and many of my very best friends do just that – I am simply suggesting you compliment that with an identity other than “Mommy” – it doesn’t have to be a job. But, I want people to know that there is a way to find a balance between the career world and motherhood should you choose both.  The journey is an ever-changing one with many agonizing decisions but the fulfillment of being a Mom and the personal achievements of my career make me who I am today – it all completes me!

So I hope you enjoy my journey – I will definitely make mistakes along the way as my two worlds collide – and there will be times where I will have to choose a little more of this world and a little less of that world – but somehow, someway – I will {do it all}!


Melanie Snare


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