• Best Kid Gift Ever – Custom Softie Toys

    Looking for a gift for a child that is guaranteed to be a hit? This one is one of my absolute favorites in the history of ever! This is a gift you will all cherish for a lifetime for sure! Read More

  • Santa Claus Pancakes

    Need a breakfast idea that is creative yet simple for Christmas morning after the chaos of the gifts or really to make anytime during the break? This one was a hit in my house this year! Read More

  • Rolling Away the Wrinkles

    Ever heard of the AMP Roller by Rodan+Fields? Maybe you have seen it as a Top Pick by the beauty editors of Allure or maybe you heard Ellen talking about it on her show? Well, it just so happens to be one of my Top 5 Favorite products by Rodan + Fields! Watch the video I filmed explaining why I love it so much and how it works. Read More

  • My Favorite Quotes Can Be Found on Pinterest

    The best way to check out my favorite quotes and stay up to date with the newest ones I have found is by following my quote boards on Pinterest listed in this post. Hope to see you there. Read More

  • Organizing Your Holiday Cards

    So its that time of year again and so many people seem to be taking the time these days to send out creative and unique Holiday Cards showcasing photos of their family (which I LOVE). But what do you do with them AFTER the Holidays are over? Please do not say – throw them away. Gasp. How dare you? – See more at: Read More

  • Kids Canvas Painting Party Tradition for the Holidays

    Have you heard of these fun social-based art studios popping up all over the place where adults and kids alike … Read More

  • 5 Fun Family Christmas Traditions

    I love the holiday season! It put simply, makes my heart happy! And now that I am a mom it is even more fun and special for me! There’s nothing like the magic of the season and creating memories that will last a lifetime with your family. Read More

  • #GiveServeLove

    Teaching my daughters the importance of giving back through experiences and showing love in action is very important to me – not just talking about it. However, finding ways for them to get involved and volunteer has been tough for me with young children. But, I have great news! Read More

  • Gobble Til Ya Wobble…

    This is a fun, cute little activity to do with the kids at Thanksgiving. We all had fun doing it this year and had a lot of laughs in the process. Don’t get discouraged if yours isn’t perfect, they are still super cute no matter what! Gobble Gobble!
    Read More

  • How To Organize Your Accessories

    Without organization, my life is pure chaos. So keeping my insanely busy life organized allows me to get a lot more done. With that said, my accessory collection has grown over the years and I just have never found a “jewelry box” that fits it all nor that allows me to see it the way I want to see it. So, I took it upon myself to figure out how I wanted to organize it to make it work. Read More

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