• Craig Sager reflects on father’s illness and whirlwind NBA weekend

    Many of you sports fans already know the name Craig Sager - he is the Turner sideline reporter known for his outrageous … Read More

  • Gobble Til Ya Wobble…

    This is a fun, cute little activity to do with the kids at Thanksgiving. We all had fun doing it this year and had a lot of laughs in the process. Don’t get discouraged if yours isn’t perfect, they are still super cute no matter what! Gobble Gobble!
    Read More

  • Dancer Necklaces – Perfect Recital Gifts

    This is the cutest idea for a dance recital gift for your little dancer ever! Don’t miss out on this one for your little superstar! Read More

  • 3 Yummy Ways to Celebrate Mother Earth with Your Kids

    I always love researching ways that other Moms celebrate big events and holidays with their kids for fun new ideas … Read More

  • 10 Easy Tips to Go Green as a Family

    Earth Day is coming up on Monday, April 22nd and you can make a difference. Our children can make a difference – THEY are our future. One small change can make such a huge difference for our planet! Read More

  • Pollen Overdose? A Mom’s Guide to Surviving The Season

    Does anyone else ever feel like they have officially OD’d on pollen? I do! Flowers might be pretty this time of year, but I sure do pay the price for their blooms! Unfortunately, this yellow-green disgusting cloud of dust is here to stay for a while and I am just hoping to survive without looking like a puffy-faced blowfish with blood shot eyes for a few solid weeks! Here’s how I plan to beat the pollen… Read More

  • 5 Fun Things To Do with Your Kids for Easter

    As you know, I am all for creating lasting childhood memories for my daughters. But I am also insanely busy and prefer easy-to-execute traditions for the holidays that still have that lasting wow-factor effect on my girls. So, I decided to share my Top 5 things to do with your kids for Easter to start some fun family traditions. Read More

  • NBA & NFL Necklaces

    After cheering for the Atlanta Falcons for 5 seasons, I had the opportunity to not just become friends with amazing women across the NFL but loved interacting with NBA Cheerleaders as well. We all share a love for our teams and take pride in being a part of the once in a lifetime experience of cheering and dancing professionally. So, I am designing necklaces to share with teams across the NFL and NBA for you to show your team spirit with a custom designed, personal and meaningful locket. Read More

  • Atlanta Dream – WNBA – Necklaces

    I have loved seeing many of my friends not only cheer for the Dream in the WNBA but coach the team over the past few years! I love that Atlanta has so many professional dance/cheer team opportunities available and that such talented ladies are out there cheering on the Dream! Read More

  • Art Museums Don’t Have To Be Boring!

    Let’s be honest, most husbands and kids probably don’t see going to an art museum as their definition of a fun Saturday. But sometimes, us moms have to take it upon ourselves to think outside the box. We must expose them to new and different life-enriching experiences. Read More

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